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Profile of the Association

In the beginning of the last century, the most important commercial stores were being installed along Florida Street. They rapidly developed until making of this street, for the diversity and quality of the products offered, the epicenter of the mode and elegance of the country. Past the Centenary, those who wanted to acquire clothing, hats, jewelry, lingerie, furniture and everything required by the lifestyle of those years had to provide themselves - inevitably - from the stores of Florida.

In the face of the growing commercial activity, the owners of the stores began meeting among themselves with the purpose of defending the rank acquired by the street and petition the authorities in protection of their intesests. Already in 1925 reference is made to the Asociación Amigos de la Calle Florida, in which social salons - says the chronicle - Enrique Lancán, author of pleasant pages over the lifestyyle and customs of the argentinians, gave a lecture over "The secret of Florida Street".

In the thirties, the shopkeepers frequentely met at the salons of the "Confitería del Hotel Richmond" in order to addres subjects related to the activities of the street stores. Coincidentally, that building today helds the headquarters of the Asociación, offices acquired on january 12ve, 1970.

On april 29th 1946, on the premises provided by the "Farmacia Franco Inglesa" situated in Florida and Sarmiento, the Asociación Amigos de la Calle Florida was founded and the legal capacity was granted to it on october 31st, 1947, by Decree 33752 signed by the President Juan Perón and his Minister of Justice and Public Instruction, Dr. Belisario Gache Pirán.It was this way formalizad this civil association conformed by shopkeepers and neighbors of the street, with the purpose of promoting its commercial activites and collaborating with the municipal authorities for the sake of its care and embelishment. Its first authorities were Mr Mario de la Orden, president, and Mr Federico Vitali, vicepresident.


Presidente Honorario: Alberto Santarellí

Héctor López Morenó
Vice Presidente 1°:
Osvaldo N. Souto
Vice Presidente 2°:
Reinaldo Machado
Secretario General:
Francisco O. Daneucic
Pablo Melendez
Secretario de Actas:
Dr. Marcos Figueroa
Ludovico Brugnera
Carlos Filgueira
Vocales Titulares:
  • Jorge Rouillon
  • Claudio Desimone
  • Eduardo Carlos Grüneisen
  • Juan Carlos Alvarez
  • Gustavo Lopez Baasch
  • Lino Oubiña
Vocales Suplentes:
  • Diego Meischenguiser
  • José Luis Zanetti
  • Luis Hendel
Revisores de Cuentas Titulares:
  • Juan Carlos Bordoli
  • Julio R. Fajgenblat
Revisores de Cuentas Suplentes:
  • Cecilia Chervatin
  • Viriato Otero Lomban
Personal Administrativo:
  • Rosa Bas
  • Cecilia González
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